Dr. Bob Wright

Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized author, speaker & visionary known for his witticisms. He co-founded The Wright Foundation to teach people to develop their vision and unlock their full potential.

Dr. Bob Wright has spent over thirty years training, coaching, & consulting national & international business leaders from small entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 100s.

Known around the globe for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Dr. Bob Wright is very ‘mediagenic’ and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Dr. Bob Wright is a sought-after speaker for organizations looking for a dynamic, powerful, and tell-it-like-it-is style.

Bob Wright specializes in helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs across the country not only to build and grow their businesses, but also to thrive with purpose, mission, and robust, high-performing cultures. Clients coached and trained by Bob routinely achieve far beyond their original goals.

Bob & Judith Wright have developed weekend trainings, courses, life coaching & executive coaching to help people create cutting-edge social and emotional intelligence skills for life and leadership.

Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction, joy, and potential in every area of your life through ongoing learning and growth.

As Dr. Bob says, “A high-quality and a successful life does not mean a comfortable life. Comfort implies a static state. I don’t believe we can be our best while standing still.”

People Dr. Bob coaches and trains see him as a master agent of empowerment—a trump card in life. His practical understanding of human development helps them not only learn and grow, but perform at ever-increasing levels of leadership and personal performance at work, home, and in their communities.

How did Dr. Bob develop his method that led to these skills?

Dr. Bob Wright, CEO of Wright, has spent over 30 years training, coaching, and consulting national and international business leaders from small entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Known for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Bob focuses on topics such as business success, personal development, corporate growth, change, and effectiveness.

Have Dr. Bob Wright guide you to the kind of life you always wanted!

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