DR. BOB WRIGHT, internationally recognized author, speaker, educator and visionary, co-founded Wright to teach people to develop their vision and fulfill their dreams. The author of Beyond Time Management: Business with Purpose and People Skills, Wright has spent over thirty years training, coaching, and consulting national and international business leaders from small entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100s on topics such as transformational leadership, business success, personal development, corporate growth, change, and effectiveness.

Known for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Dr. Wright’s work has been recognized around the globe. Bob is very ‘mediagenic’ and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs.

Dr. Wright is a sought after speaker for corporations and organizations looking for a dynamic, powerful, and tell-it-like-it-is style. His energizing presence has motivated individuals and corporations around the globe.

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Selected Keynotes:

Transformational Leadership: Lead from the Inside Out
Create the most powerful, positive, bottom-line results in your organization, business, community, family, and entire life by tapping the hearts and minds of those you lead and serve. In this dynamic and interactive talk, Dr. Bob Wright, top executive-coach and best-selling author, shares a powerful research-based model to teach you how to become the transformational leader you were destined to be.

Creative Conflict: Using the Rules of Engagement to move your career forward
You have been successful in your career and you want to take that success to the next level with yourself, your team, and the organization overall. Building strong, robust relationships is critical to that success, but even if you have decades of experience under your belt, the odds are that you were never taught one of the most critical aspects not just move forward, but to thrive personally and professionally.

Dr. Bob Wright shares the 7 Rules of Engagement that he has taught to world-class CEOs and couples to learn how to create a foundation for success, meaning, and satisfaction. These 7 rules will help you:

  • Build long term alignment with employees, clients, peers, and adversaries
  • Successfully leverage conflict
  • Attract allies who will continue support you throughout you career

Simple but powerful, these 7 rules can mean the difference between success and status quo, meaning and going through the motions. Join us for this fun, engaging, eye-opening talk.

Personal Power: Realize your potential and expand your expectations of life
Personal Power comes from the ability to have influence on others by becoming more conscious of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Through increasing your awareness of yourself, you can improve every aspect of your life – and replace mistaken beliefs and rules with empowering beliefs.

Through this talk you will:

  • Understand what personal power is and how it can empower you.
  • Develop a vision for the next steps for your own personal development
  • Be introduced to the Wright Foundation’s research-based approach to enhancing personal power

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll be able to understand who you are in a new way as you set a vision for yourself to get more out of your life.

What People are Saying:

“Dr. Bob Wright is one of the most energizing, high power speakers I’ve ever heard. With his energy and experience, he not only motivates and inspires but really gets to the core of his audience. His ability to customize and work with an audience to deliver exactly what they need in a straight no-nonsense manner is amazing.”
– Michael Zwell, CEO, Exxceed

Why wait? Get Dr. Bob Wright help you with personal and professional transformation to make dramatic changes with lasting results.

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