“I appreciate your guts. I appreciate your grit. I appreciate your consciousness. I appreciate your willingness to be consistently doing your own work.”


I love working with people to learn, grow as they face life’s challenges, and surprise themselves as they stretch and reach their potential. I love supporting people in their leadership, family, career, and relationship development. I’ve had the blessing to support people throughout their entire life– from childhood classes with their parents, to Ph.D. and fantastic careers, and still others from early career to running top international businesses. I also revel in working with couples, not only to get through a rough patch and become even closer, but to also discover what is possible in intimacy–from before marriage to raising children to empty nesting.

We all want to live a great life, to learn, grow, and stretch ourselves–what Alfred Adler identified as our “self-perfecting drive,” to become closer and closer to our ideal. I see every part of our lives as a playing field for us to explore and evolve, motivated by this drive.

I see two directions of our growth–horizontal and vertical. Paul Tillich, an existential philosopher and one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century, articulated this. Think of horizontal as learning and growing, expanding in skills and capacities. Now, envisage the vertical as putting down deep roots into the soil that nourishes our growth upward, becoming ever more conscious. But here is the Cliff note version: we usually focus on getting better or smarter or growing our capacities in one or, at most, two areas of our lives—business, parenting, friendship, or service.

There is nothing wrong with this—it is necessary. However, I have met too many people who are thriving in one area but lost in all other parts of their life. That is why the heart of my work is supporting clients in vertical integration–which naturally grows horizontally. As we grow from the roots and reach upward, the elevating perspective increasingly covers all areas of our life. Because when we wake up to ourselves and our potential, it is not just in one area of life—it is the “us” everywhere in our lives. Every area of our life is enhanced.

“Hello Bob and Judith,

This was the best year in my life and thank you for making my year extraordinary. Thank you for waking me up…..”


I define leadership as the capacity of each of us to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. Leaders who understand that they only have control over themselves become better leaders, not only at work but better human beings in all areas of life. I love helping emerging leaders develop, as well as enhancing the reach, effectiveness, and sense of purpose of established leaders. I see leadership as a critical aspect of all our lives. We all want to be effective and have a positive influence on those around us. Even if hired by a company, I work with individuals, not businesses. Here is an excerpt from what one leader I coached after collaborating with his company:

“Two days and two nights with Bob …on account management… My business partner and I got our asses handed to us by Bob for about two hours … individually and collectively. Then (we) charged into Friday (with senior staff) completing …our business plan. Pure gold. Bob touched everyone in an individual way and of course me as well. The man plays hard and f….ng showed up when we needed it most. He leads by example and lives his purpose.”


My life’s career of coaching, training, and developing programs to help people fulfill their potential and become who they can become evolved thanks to the remarkable level of freedom and unconditional support I received to pursue my own desires–following my own drummer. I pursued and am pursuing my own horizontal and vertical integration. And that is what I coach others to do—authentically live lives they love. Nothing else is as important to me as that. Service to our world then follows naturally.


A leading thinker in human development, Dr. Bob Wright co-founded the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping people live their best lives to create a world that works for everyone. He also co-founded and was a Professor of Transformational Leadership at the Wright Graduate University.

An internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Bob Wright has been recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as a top executive coach to leaders and entrepreneurs nationwide.

Dr. Wright’s revolutionary Integrative Model of Human Growth and Development provides a practical application of theory into everyday life, helping countless individuals understand themselves, strategize and take action to reach their potential. Called “the most powerful comprehensive model of its kind,” this model formed the core curriculum at the Wright Foundation and Graduate University.

An outstanding radio and television personality who delivers what author Andrew Harvey calls “hard light,” he co-authored the award-winning book, “Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living,” and “The Heart of the Fight” with his wife and co-founder of the Wright Foundation, Dr. Judith Wright. His books on purpose in business and people skills have been translated into multiple languages. 

Dr. Wright is also the founder of these three influential organizations:

  • The Men’s Guild: Facilitating male development with a new model of manhood.
  • Be Heard: An organization to promote environmentally conscious party-agnostic political action.
  • Transformational Leadership Symposium: convening experts nationwide to recognize cutting-edge transformational leaders, including Brad Anderson, former CEO of Best Buy, and the 2011 award recipient, Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

An International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach (MCC), Dr. Wright has completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a master’s degree in communications and Clinical Social Work, and a Doctorate in Education, Leadership, and Change.

Why wait? Dr. Bob Wright can help you with personal and professional transformation to make dramatic changes with lasting results.

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