Known around the globe for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Dr. Bob Wright is a best-selling author who co-authored the award-winning books, Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living, and The Heart of the Fight with his wife, Dr. Judith Wright. Drs. Bob and Judith are also two time recipients of the Nautilus Better Books for a Better World Silver Medal Award. His books Business with Purpose and CARE Profile have been translated into multiple languages and sold over 200,000 copies around the world.

Business with Purpose

Business with Purpose demonstrates the power of doing business with meaning. It shows the reader how to be more effective while experiencing greater fulfillment and success as a business person, leader and teamplayer.

The CARE Profile

The CARE Profile workbook is a tool designed to help you learn more about your personality and how best to enhance your natural social and relationship skills. Life, when all is said and done, is based on relationships, personal or otherwise.

The Heart of the Fight

Every couple fights—it’s how you fight that can determine the success of your relationship. This book teaches you to look beyond what you and your partner fight about, and discover the core issues that undermine your relationship.


Transformed! integrates and blends the best of personal development and human emergence research and trainings into a powerful model called Evolating which emerged from research on what it takes to live radiant, authentic lives in all areas.