DR. BOB WRIGHT, internationally recognized author, speaker, educator and visionary, teaches people to develop their vision and fulfill their dreams. The author of Beyond Time Management: Business with Purpose and People Skills, Wright has spent over thirty years training, coaching, and consulting national and international business leaders from small entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100s on topics such as transformational leadership, business success, personal development, corporate growth, change, and effectiveness.

Known for his “Integrative Comprehensive Model of Human Development,” Dr. Wright’s work has been recognized around the globe. Bob is very ‘mediagenic’ and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs.

Dr. Wright is a sought after speaker for corporations and organizations looking for a dynamic, powerful, and tell-it-like-it-is style. His energizing presence has motivated individuals and corporations around the globe.

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Transformational Leadership: Leadership from the Inside Out

Do you want to be a transformational leader? Leadership is an inside job and your ability to transform yourself is the secret to creating positive change in your organization, business, community, and family. Discover a powerful research-based model that will teach you what this transformation looks like and how you can become the leader you were destined to be.

Transform! A Radically New Way to Approach Your Business – and Your Life

Get ready for a wild ride as you discover secrets to take your work and personal life to the next level and make the most of your personal investment in every area of your life. In this powerful keynote, best-selling author Dr. Bob Wright conducts an experiential journey into your potential.

Business With Purpose

It is no simple feat to face our eventualities before they rush in on us with force. Without purpose, it is as if destiny begins to call us. If we respond, fine. If we fail to respond, they become more urgent. With a clear sense of purpose, we are more likely to respond. In this powerful presentation, Dr. Wright makes purpose immediately accessible to all. He presents the principles of purpose for individuals and corporations and demonstrates how living in consonance with these principles leads us to live our purpose in all that we do–accomplish more and being more fulfilled as we develop our capacities to their highest.

Anger: The Fuel of Change

Do you think your anger is bad? If so, you are probably missing out on opportunities to let your anger be the fuel to drive the changes you wish to see in your life. In this eye-opening presentation, Dr. Wright shares how critical our emotions are to our success, if we choose to embrace a healthy relationship with them. Dr. Wright explains the difference between the pure state of our emotions vs. our negative manifestations of them.

Creative Conflict

Revolutionize your approach to conflict. Stop avoiding and over-managing conflicts, which often make conflict worse, and start learning real skills to increase your ability to deal with conflict now! Dr. Wright shows us how to create an environment which fosters healthy conflict, leading to increased productivity, creativity, teamwork, and results. Know your conflict style and the styles of others so that you can diffuse nonproductive conflict and intervene to make conflict healthier, easier to deal with and more effective for your entire team. Revolutionize your approach to conflict and increase your effectiveness tenfold!

Additional Topics:

Authenticity and Personal Power

Let’s get real. If you think you’re authentic then you’re probably not. Authentic people know they are full of it and inauthentic a lot of the time. And yet, authenticity has been linked to increased financial success, satisfaction, health, intimate relationships, and career success. Dr. Bob Wright shares what it really means to be real.

From Spark to Fire: Ignite Your Social and Emotional Intelligence

Ignite your Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI) to lead your life and your world. Dr. Bob Wright shows you how to enhance your SEI and gain from the latest research, which indicates that high SEI:

  • Enhances decision making ability
  • Significantly increases sales
  • Accounts for 80% of a star performer’s competencies
  • Increases creativity & improves memory
  • Creates better retention of employees

Wonders of Intentional Networking (WIN)

This high-energy talk is designed to help you become a networking expert, build your skills in establishing rapport and relationship, and uncover the potential for new business that is waiting for you in any interaction. Dr. Bob Wright juices any audience to learn how to generate more business now, add to bottom-line sales, and increase your ability to serve and satisfy your current and future customers.

What People are Saying:

“Dr. Bob Wright is one of the most energizing and high-powered speakers I’ve ever heard. With his energy and experience, he not only motivates and inspires but really gets to the core of his audience. His ability to customize and work with an audience to deliver exactly what they need in a straight no-nonsense manner is amazing.”
– Michael Zwell, CEO, Exxceed

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