Dr. Bob Wright is a dynamic media presence, especially as a talk-show guest. He has been interviewed for a variety of TV and radio programs, including several appearances on a top-ranked Chicago station, an interview with Corinne Edwards, and an NBC “Facing Your Fear” segment after 9/11. Radio call-in hosts especially appreciate Dr. Bob’s ability to engage with callers in personally meaningful ways that captivate all listeners.

Radio, TV, and Print Highlights

“Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living” The Frankie Boyer Radio Show/Regional, Frankie Boyer, WROL 950 AM.

RTIR “Goal Achievement to the Max. Get Your Business on Track!” Financial Survival Network, Kerry Lutz.

“Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living” Coast to Coast, George Noory and John B. Wells (Co-Host).

“Mind-blowing, Cutting-Edge Research” The Aware Show, Lisa Garr, KPFK 90.7 LA.

Training Videos

Dr. Wright on Rematrixing to Change the Function of Your Company

Dr. Wright on Transformational Leaders Having a More Genuine Yearning

Dr. Wright on People Becoming Transformational Leaders

Dr. Wright on Transformational Leadership in Your Life

Dr. Wright on Recognizing and Dealing with your Loss Aversion

Dr. Wright on Becoming More Radiant as a Leader

Dr. Wright on Yearning to Dream Big as a Leader

Dr. Wright on Changing Your Brain

Selected Talks

Anger in the Workplace: Making It Work for You
Developing Your Personal Purpose
Business with Purpose
Career: A Hero’s Journey
Commitment, Vision, and Velocity

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